Still using a separate email marketing service like Mail Chimp? Tired of uploading lists? Paying $100's per month? Here's how to save time & money, reach more people, and get better results. Easy to use. Free video training. Target audiences based on data in Act!, create ongoing campaigns, record campaign interaction to Act! contacts.

Why use Act! Marketing Automation?

Five years ago Act! acquired a leading-edge marketing service, and merged it with the Act! product. The best marketing integration for Act! is no longer a link to a separate marketing service, but now is instead the built-in Act! Marketing Automation. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Leading-edge functionality & technology
    • Prior to 2018, email marketing functions in Act! had limitations that caused many customers to use a separate service for marketing, however this was often costly, inconvenient, and time-consuming.
    • Then the acquisition & merging of a leading-edge marketing solution into Act! has allowed customers to leave other services behind, and do everything they need within the Act! system.
  • Easy to use
    • Intuitive drag & drop designer
    • Local support in Australia & New Zealand
    • Free online video training
  • Save time
    • No more exporting/importing/uploading/downloading lists
    • Send from Act! & see results in Act!
  • Save money*
    • Send 2,500 messages per month at no charge
    • Send 5,000 messages per month for AU$19 per month
    • Send 7,500 messages per month for AU$38 per month
    • Send 10,000 messages per month for AU$57 per month
  • Upgrade for just AU$99 per month including:
    • 25,000 messages per month
    • Create ongoing campaigns with decision trees & automatic list sync
    • And much more

*Requires an Act! subscription

Find out more here:

What is Marketing Automation?

Josh Noonan

Josh Noonan is the CEO of Act Today, trained & mentored by founder Michael Bryant for almost 20 years. After 7 years as an IT consultant, Josh became an Act! Certified Consultant and joined Act Today in 2002. Josh has been an integral part of the ongoing improvement of Act Today’s consulting services and awarded “Consultant of the Year” seven times in the eleven years of the award.

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