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Still using a separate email marketing service like Mail Chimp? Tired of uploading lists? Paying $100's per month? Here's how to save time & money, reach more people, and get better results. Easy to use. Free video training. Target audiences based on data in Act!, create ongoing campaigns, record campaign interaction to Act! contacts.

Sep 11 2022

Too many duplicates? Too many attachments? Database too large? Did you know that you can merge all duplicates in bulk; or move all attachments to OneDrive? Here are some great solutions.

Sep 11 2022

If your Act! database doesn't open within 30 seconds, or seems slower than it used to be, then this advice should help. Your time is valuable.

Whilst Act! CRM software is a powerful tool on its own, you can increase your productivity even further by expanding functionality using Act! Addons. From hundreds of Act! AddOns, you can select the features that you need and then take advantage of those functions to streamline your business processes and unlock Act!'s full potential. 

Businesses use a variety of software tools to accomplish various functions. While these solutions accomplish different tasks, they are usually more useful when working together for a common goal. API is a way that you can link between different software products to create a seamless integrated solution perfect for your small business.

Aug 29 2018

Flexible one-to-many data relationships for your contacts that creates a spreadsheet type functionality.

With the popularity of smartphone users increasing every year, mobile marketing has become a significant opportunity for small business. More than ever, it is crucial to stay “front of mind” with customers in order to stay in business. Using SMS is one of the more affordable and effective ways to keep customers up to date on your products and services.

Jul 26 2018

The Knowtifier is an AddOn for Act! that automates the delivery of email notifications to your contacts.