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If your Act! database doesn't open within 30 seconds, or seems slower than it used to be, then this advice should help. Your time is valuable.

If you or your staff are waiting on software to perform a task, it is costing you time & money, and should not be ignored. Here are some solutions to the most common causes. If you have any questions or would like assistance, please purchase a support session to have one of our expert consultants assist you with this.

  1. Download our free QuickStart4Act! plugin that eliminates one common cause of Act! startup delay due to Act!'s activation process.

  2. Restart your computer daily (or use the SHIFT key when clicking shutdown to avoid a "fast" or "hybrid" shutdown). This helps Windows to manage temp files, memory & updates. You may need to manually empty the %temp% folder if not done for a long time.

  3. Check Task Manager > Performance tab > Memory as shown below. If the "hardware" amount in the top right corner is less than the "Committed" amount, then we recommend purchasing more memory (RAM) hardware to improve performance.

  4. If the above do not resolve the issue, please try our database expert optimisation service, because several other common causes of performance issues require a brief expert database analysis, repair or clean up.

  5. If you don't already have Act! v24, consider an upgrade, because Act! v24 is the first 64-bit version of Act!, and with a well-maintained database, is substantially faster in many ways. Our Maintenance plan includes expert installation of the latest Act! version every year, plus untimed Act! error resolution for that install for up to 1 year, to help avoid unexpected support costs.



Josh Noonan

Josh Noonan is the CEO of Act Today, trained & mentored by founder Michael Bryant for almost 20 years. After 7 years as an IT consultant, Josh became an Act! Certified Consultant and joined Act Today in 2002. Josh has been an integral part of the ongoing improvement of Act Today’s consulting services and awarded “Consultant of the Year” seven times in the eleven years of the award.

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